Thursday, December 20, 2018

"I know a thing or two about performing me boy" (RIP Nicolas Roeg)

Always a little amazed when people seem to suggest that Jim Morrison was unaware of his own ridiculousness. i think he reveled in it, plunged into it - pushed right through it.

All performance is an absurd exhibition. 

What a grotesque, unseemly thing to do - go onstage and mime out emotions, desire, sexuality, for strangers's eyes. (It's why historically actors and all performers have been linked in the puritan imagination with prostitutes). 

Nick Cave (early on very Jim-indebted) wrote a great song about this in the Birthday Party - "Nick the Stripper" 

There's a cool Iggy Pop quote about the stage that I've never been able to source - "who can account for facial expressions made in a mirror of people?"

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