Wednesday, April 18, 2018

"cos he was trying to deglamorize himself"

from a film by the British Pop Artist Derek Boshier, the still features Alice Cooper, The Sweet, and, I think, Bowie

Boshier would later do the cover of Lodger, in collaboration with the photographer Duffy

his account of working with Bowie is about 33 minutes into this

Also here

Boshier also did artwork for Let's Dance, and stage sets (albeit unused) for the Serious Moonlight  tour - when Bowie I guess was trying to re-glamorize himself - or at least become a pop superstar again

The image says "I'm fit and working again" - ready to fight my way back to the toppermost of the poppermost

And here's more on Boshier's working relationship and friendship with Bowie

Thursday, April 12, 2018

glam pt 2 (pt 2)

she cuts a commanding figure

(but where oh where is the brassy sassy glitzy and gilded original video for this song?)

"peek a boo" - the Sovereign Eye / I - there is a intense opticality, a fetishistic thrill in watching and being watched running through S+B's work, which is indivisibly audiovisual (as is all true and great pop)

icon in the fire of proto-Goth desire

showing their roots right from the almost-start with this very early B-side

"hall of mirrors", "through the looking glass" - sensing a theme

not really a Dylan cover so much as a Julie Driscoll - the It Girl of Sixties swinging England - cover

Sioux and her pretty boys - and half the cosmetics counter at Boots

more on the Banshees and the Creatures

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

not really glam (2 of ???)

despite desperate image ploy, pretty standard arena fare (produced Rick Derringer) and something like missing link between Alice Cooper and Ted Nugent

glam in the movies #1