Thursday, April 12, 2018

glam pt 2 (pt 2)

she cuts a commanding figure

(but where oh where is the brassy sassy glitzy and gilded original video for this song?)

"peek a boo" - the Sovereign Eye / I - there is a intense opticality, a fetishistic thrill in watching and being watched running through S+B's work, which is indivisibly audiovisual (as is all true and great pop)

icon in the fire of proto-Goth desire

showing their roots right from the almost-start with this very early B-side

"hall of mirrors", "through the looking glass" - sensing a theme

not really a Dylan cover so much as a Julie Driscoll - the It Girl of Sixties swinging England - cover

Sioux and her pretty boys - and half the cosmetics counter at Boots

more on the Banshees and the Creatures

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