Saturday, September 30, 2017

glam / anti-glam quote (4 of ??)

"Life's a drag when you don't have an identity of your own"

- Bubble, a "glamourpod" - a shape-shifting, alien entertainer, - as played by Rihanna (and a squadron of CGI technicians) in Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Love the witty play on the word "drag" there

The "glamourpod" idea makes me wonder if someone involved in writing this is aware of the original meaning of "glamour"

1. Magic, enchantment, witchcraft; a spell, especially one affecting the sight, as in phrase  to cast the glamour ower someone
"This species of witchcraft is well known in Scotland as the glamour, or deceptio visus, and was supposed to be a special attribute of the race of Gipsies" - Walter Scott

Film is the usual CGI-addled farrago of excessively plot-twisty action, but me and the daughter both like the actress with the eyebrows

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