Thursday, February 21, 2019

Suzi Q versus Grace J

other versions

interesting that it should be both a glamthem and considered an industrial ancestor / classic

the glam comes from Grace Jones's version

the industrial from the original 


  1. Sorry to intrude here off topic, but as I expected my favorite soundtrack didn´t show up on any of the pitchfork lists. It´s "Shopping" a brit movie that like changed my life, specially the soundtrack, which i guess gets ignored because it´s a "small" movie, altough i loved at the time, the 90`s, now i would give it a 9 not a ten anymore but... just listen/look at the opening secuence:

    here´s another good one with James vs Sabres of Paradise

    In the wikipedia there`s the full list of contributors which includes orbital, the stereo mc´s and a version of water pistol man of the disposable heroes of hiphoprisy that kicks ass and is simply unavailable unless you´re one of the few lucky owners of the cd. Like me!

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  3. Well, not so off topic, the movie is about "ramraiding", raming cars through shops, and it`s sexy, first movie of Sadie Frost, so there´s car crashings and sex

  4. i think that movie might qualify now as "Nineties camp" - which is to say, I don't think it was respected by British film reviewers at the time, but probably now has a certain period charm and would be seen indicative of Nineties discourses, ideas of cool, etc. certainly anything with Sadie Frost in at that time will have something going for it, even if that something is just Sadie Frost. i don't remember the music at all, and in fact not sure if I ever watched the whole thing - i caught it on TV several years ago, half way through. Ramraiding was a big Social Problem' at the time - at least as far as newspapers and TV news was concerned, what sociologists call "a folk devil / moral panic".


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