Tuesday, June 4, 2019

the truth of pop (domination)

"From the outside — and even for some inside Britney Spears's world — the restrictions surrounding the pop star are startling. This is a celebrity who has toured the world, racked up a string of No. 1 hits and platinum albums and starred in a popular four-year Las Vegas residency. Yet under the rules of the conservatorship, her father controls her finances and personal and business decisions. This reality is difficult to reconcile with her confident, swaggering performances in so many iconic pop culture moments..."

(from Washington Post).

".... Spears exists in a carefully protected bubble, handlers shielding her from negative influences or hangers-on. She doesn’t have an email address, and her father has the right to sign her tax forms, revoke all powers of attorneys and “pursue opportunities related to professional commitments and activities including but not limited to performing, recording, videos, tours, TV shows and other similar activities as long as they are approved by Ms. Spears’s medical team...”

"[In late 2018] she was preparing to launch her second Las Vegas residency. Highly distracted and struggling to adjust to a new combination of medications, she started missing rehearsals. Eventually, she told her team she didn’t think she could be ready for the scheduled opening in February....  Spears announced the news on her website in early January. “This is so tough for me to say,” she wrote. “I will not be performing my new show ‘Domination.’"

Domination - that is a truth of pop.

Domination of audiences and fans, by performers and their razzle-dazzling shows

Domination of performers and artists, by their owners and exploiters

Fans also use and exploit performers, too.

It's all fairly unwholesome stuff really.

Imagining trying to balance your child's mental health against their fiscal health

Child-as-being versus child-as-brand

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