Wednesday, October 13, 2021

No Business like Show Business ( dark glam - slight return)


I always thought there was something Alice Cooper-like about Bauhaus - thrilling singles, more-than-slightly silly - so it's interesting to see the Sick Thing King pop up in this list of all-time faves done for an unknown magazine by Peter Murphy. 

"A wonderful escape into a frivolous nightmare" indeed. 

A list which otherwise nails our 'Haus (and Goth in general) as Glam Part 2. 

And then the giveaway that the Bau boys are purely in the business of entertainment - where ham meets sham -  Ethel Merman gets the lead top spot with "No Business Like Show Business"

The absence of anything by the Dame? (c.f. the two Roxy inclusions and an Eno).  The debt too obvious to state? A twinge of anxiety of  ultra-influence? 

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